Comments from local Newcomers

It’s the people who make North Bay home.”– Oweeny (Sri Lanka)

"I love North Bay because it provides me a good environment and I can focus on my studies." - Fangzhou (Nanjing, China)

"Clothing is cheaper here than the bigger cities." - Teng (Hubei, China)

"Quiet and beautiful." - Yuefeng (Beijing, China)

"Fresh air and clean water --- this is North Bay" - Arnold (Mexico)

"A good place to study English." - Sean (Shenzhen, China)

"This small city makes everything easy." - Lanying (Fujian, China)

"As autumn approaches, the leaves turn colour making the surroundings look beautiful." - Jing (Hunan, China)

"There is nothing like beginning a new life with support and confidence and the Multicultural Centre is where you find it! They truly guide you in the adaptation process and further your inclusion in Canadian society. They care about you, they understand your needs, they respect your privacy and they become your family. Thanks for being there for all of us!" - Yanelis (Cuba)