If you have settled in North Bay and are planning on investing in an existing company or starting a new one, there are several municipal,  provincial and federal incentives that may help.

On a municipal level, the North Bay City Council has reduced industrial taxes by 66% (one of the lowest levels in Ontario) and eliminated Industrial Development charges. It also introduced a 20-year commercial tax reduction program that is stimulating strong growth in that sector. This supports our strategy of providing a very competitive operating cost environment. Our financial incentive programs also help offset both operating and capital project costs.

There are a number of funding bodies available provincially and federally that provide investment incentives. Contact the City of North Bay's Economic Development Department for specific inquiries.

Municipal Incentives

Growth Community Incentive Plan 

The City's new Growth Community Incentive Plan is designed to help grow the community through city wide programming for industrial development and targeted intensification for housing and downtown waterfront commercial projects with a number of financial incentives. 

Expedited Permitting

The City has a Development Application Review Team (DART) to help expedite projects. Comprised of city departments and all local agencies involved in development, the DART meets bi-weekly to review and help advance applications, Site Plan Control Agreements and permits to move your project forward quickly and meet project deadlines.

No Industrial Development Charges

North Bay's proactive business city council has eliminated industrial development charges and implemented a 20-year commercial tax reduction strategy.

Competitively Priced Land

The City of North Bay offers a variety of municipally-owned site options for development in our Gateway Industrial Park, and both ground and air side options in our Airport Industrial Business Park. There is also a commercial acreage at the entry to the City (Highway 11/17 south). Close proximity to major transportation routes and access to advanced telecommunication networks make North Bay's industrial properties an excellent expansion or relocation option. For additional details please contact a member of the Economic Development team.