Glossary of Housing Terms

  • Utilities
    Refers to the additional costs for heating, hot water and electricity.
    Incl. Means 'included' and is likely referring to the cost of utilities and/or television cable.
  • Condo
    Is short for 'condominium' which is a home that is usually attached at least on one side and has shared property. Typically condos have more than one floor and have a mandatory monthly fee that covers property maintenance (for example: to hire someone to mow the lawn in the summer, shovel the snow in the winter, etc.)
  • O.B.O
    Stands for 'Or Best Offer', meaning the price is somewhat negotiable and the best offer made to the landlord will be granted the place.
  • 1/2 bath
    Means that there is no shower. Many apartments and homes will have one and a half bathrooms, meaning they have one full bathroom with a toilet, sink and tub/shower and another that only has a toilet and sink.
  • ASAP
    Means 'As Soon As Possible'
  • Semi
    Means that the house is attached to another house. Some people also call this a 'duplex'.
  • First and Last
    This means that in order to move in the landlord requires two full rent payments (the first and the last).
  • Req'd
    Means 'required' (must do)
  • Appliances
    Typically include refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, etc. It is always important to ask about these things, since they are not always included when you rent a place.
  • Furnished/Unfurnished
    Refers to what comes with the apartment or house rental or purchase. If couches, tables, chairs, desks and a bed are in the apartment, then it comes furnished.