Benefits of Hiring an Immigrant

Think outside the box...

Skilled immigrants can:

  • Help Canadian companies do business with the world
  • Bring international expertise - can give companies that competitive edge by using their knowledge and experience to serve diverse local and international markets
  • Communicate effectively in more than one language
  • Readily adapt to changing environments and circumstances

Recognize the opportunity...

  • Make use of Canadian credential assessment services to translate skills and education from overseas to what is expected here.

Canada has the highest proportion of college graduates among OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development) countries, largely in part to recent immigrants who are well educated or who have become well educated while living in Canada.  In 2016, immigrants held 50% more Master's or doctorate degrees than Canadians. (Source)  Close to 56% of immigrants upgraded their education in Canada to trades or college diplomas. (Source)